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2nd-Nov-2007 01:26 pm - mindfrak - for real... *grmpf*
misc - winter
I'm slowly getting tired of this...

--> directly copied from The Patriotic Resource:

"Episode 11:
10/29/07: Edward James Olmos supposedly let slip that Adama has a breakdown in this episode when he hears of Roslin['s death]. From The Two Doctors Podcast [Again, we're skeptical, but stringing the separate bits together, gives one something to consider.]
10/29/07: While supposedly visiting her daughter at Brandeis University, Mary McDonnell purportedly said that she only had two or three more episodes left to film as Roslin, which based on the film schedules would put it around the midseason two-parter. Ron Moore subsequently denied that Roslin dies. However, another bit of news (listed in Episode 11) seems to give it credence. [We're skeptical, but at the same time it fits. Back in the first season, Roslin seemed destined to be the dying leader. Also, the midseason two-parter seems to involve Hera's destiny and Roslin seems entwined with her fate.]"

Besides the fact that I'm gonna be very pissed if Adama is not there when she's dying and only hears about it, we were told the whole thing was not true, right? RDM himself said so, right? What the heck is this Adama thing about then? What did EJO say when and where exactly?

Did RDM mean it's not true that Mary leaves the show or did he mean that it is not true that Roslin dies (which in turn could end very...uhm...cylon-ish)?

Anyone got any news about this?

*all angsty again*

ETA: I did a little search and eventually found the podcast where this is from. There was some kind of event with EJO, and two people who attended it, talk on the podcast. I do believe what EJO says, because what he has said until now has always been true, but what is said in the podcast is the following:

At this event his hand was black and blue, because he said he went ballastic in BSG's episode 11. From what I understood he pounded the desk over and over and over, because he was so emotional and lost it.

From what I can tell, there is NO mention of Roslin, but the two people who have been at this event and report this, think it has to do with Roslin because it fits what is rumoured to happen to her. I don't know who these people are, but they seem to have some insight and they take RDM's denial to the "Laura dies" rumor with a grain of salt. They think Adama's breakdown completely fits Roslin's death.

Hmmmmm...I think it could mean a lot of things. From Roslin dying to Roslin betraying him to Roslin revealing to be the 5th Cylon. Or something entirely different. *shrugs*
25th-Oct-2007 01:34 pm - Hinman discards Laura spoiler
misc - winter
"Who knows what is going on with this. As I said in that previous thread (God rest its soul), these were obviously not typical sources we use. But they seemed to have knowledge of some things that are not easily to locate, which means if they are pulling a fast one, they are very meticulous about doing it.

I spoke with a rep with Mary McDonnell today, and she said that not only is Mary denying she is departing that early, but that she even said anything about the show to the students.

Of course, what people want to believe is up to them. But me personally, I lean toward Mrs. Ron's statement and Mary's rep's statement."

source: Skiffy
That's what Mary said to me (among other
So, yeah. Just as I imagined

"Battlestar Galactica" executive producer Ronald D. Moore has denied a recent report by SyFy Portal that Mary McDonnell's character of President Laura Roslin could exit the fourth season as early as mid-season. He's also fueled speculation that SciFi Channel will indeed split the fourth season, all thanks to the pending Writers Guild of America strike.

"I just told Ron what this spoiler was, and he said the Laura spoiler is 'not true,'" said Terry Moore, wife of the executive producer, who is a regular poster on the SciFi Channel message boards. "He also said that he hasn't even told the studio what the end of the show is."

Here's the complete article:

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