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Midseason Death???? 
19th-Oct-2007 03:34 pm
So, Hinman...the...erm...odd guy on SyFyPortal.com posted the following The End Is Near For 'Battlestar' Character

article here

So, Laura Roslin is supposed to bite the big one latest by mid-season.

Mrs. Ron however, said on the Skiffy-forums today: "I just told Ron what this spoiler was, and he said the Laura spoiler is "not true'.
He also said that he hasn't even told the studio what the end of the show is."

She also said: "Ron said, after he finished laughing, "oh if only that were true." He is writing 14, and he hasn't even started it yet. Ron and I did hold a writers retreat last month in Tahoe, as I told everyone on the board, and like I posted a couple of days later, they did outline the end of the season."

So...what do you think? What is true? Will Roslin see Earth? Will she die before? Is she actually the "Dying Leader" or not?
19th-Oct-2007 02:50 pm (UTC)
I think I am considering asking someone to make 'Hinman is an ass' icons.

Seriously. A friend of mine pointed out even if the spoilers came from that "source"... they could have misunderstood.

Maybe Mary was talking about 3 more episodes and a "break" or being done for the year. I am almost certain there will be a production hiatus of at least a few weeks in December.

In the past the show wraps production in early December where as this year it is in March. They have to break for the holidays and I would imagine the Brits on the cast will want a few weeks off so they can go home.

Add in the pending writers strike and a hiatus seems VERY likely.

In conclusion, Hinman is an ass!
19th-Oct-2007 02:52 pm (UTC)
*raises hand*

I'd most certainly take one of those Hinman is an ass icons.
19th-Oct-2007 03:51 pm (UTC)
Terry: People are getting challenged about even a whisper of spoilers, true or false. There is a greater effort to stop actors and press from divulging spoilers, as no one wants the end of the show to be revealed. it will still get out, but it won't be from the actors. This is a great example of what happens if you say anything to anyone, even so called friends. Ron asked for a copy of the article so he could use it as an example of how something harmless can get blown up. You might make a joke, or a guess, but whatever you say will be taken as canon. Loose lips and all that.

Looks like not only RDM, but Mary knows about this now, too, and it might have consequences for the so called "friend(s)". Serves them right. Or "her", as MrsRon put it (maybe there was a big plot behind this to smoke out the rats afterall? *lol*).
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